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I am the API Evangelist. Not in the sense that I’m evangelizing a single API to you--In the sense that APIs are important for everyone to be aware of. I’m paying attention to not just the technical, but the business and politics of the web API movement.

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Simple, Secure Role Based Access Control (RBAC) For REST APIs via @DZone

Microsoft spotlights Edge interoperability with new API Catalog tool via @WinBetaDotOrg

“Slack tokens: what they are, how they’re used, and how to keep your data safe” by @SlackAPI

Dropbox API Patent: Preserving content item collection data across interfaces -

Elon Musk’s OpenAI wants you to train your AI bots with Atari games via @thenextweb - Quickly and automatically find similar rows in a spreadsheet or database -

Census Bureau hopes to use data from other government agencies in 2020

HapiJS Authentication – Secure Your API With JWT via @DZone

Apple Music API is now available on iOS 9.3--allows developers to directly control Apple Music playback for Members

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Hemlock Implements VeraCore for Growing Fulfillment Business - via @apireport

Matrix Solutions & TapClicks Announce Partnership to Provide Analytics for Media Sales Organization - via @apireport

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Venado Technologies and Kinvey Team to Deliver Xamarin-based Cross-Platform Digital Solutions - via @apireport

Google’s OnHub and IFTTT will now connect all of your dumb ‘smart home’ junk via @thenextweb

Hire a top-tier development team to build your chatbot -

Cannabis Reports is rooted in the belief in an open cannabis system[..]invites all web & app devs to use their API -

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